Ew Medicine was established in 2011.

The place was established with a view to combine conventional medicine with the tradition of Chinese medicine based on over 2,000 years of folk tradition.

Together with our partners from China, we created the Chinese Institute, which resulted in the opening of the Meridian Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

We organise here rehabilitation, massages and biological treatments. Our passion and experience resulted in the creation of a series of cosmetics and preparations caring for biological regeneration both from the outside and the inside of our body.

Sorell is a brand based on the tradition of natural medicine combined with the latest technological advances in production.

In our centre, Sorell cosmetics and products are used and tested with great success, they ensure amazing visual results, which, confirmed by biometric and physical tests, constitute a comprehensive Youth Energy for every body.

Young appearance and vitality are of great importance to us.

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